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    Oracle Clinic Cheongdam

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    • Hair loss treatment

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    • Hair loss treatment

    • Hair Transplantation

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    Oracle Medical Group was established in 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. It is a medical sanitarium operating more than 70 clinics of one specialty. It offers a wide range of dermatology and plastic surgery treatment not only inside the country but also outside the country. Oracle Medical Group is the best and largest dermatology clinic in South Korea. It amasses expert dermatologists and surgeons that give patients a five-star treatment. Their quality service grows their reputation all over the world. It has a well-trained, highly qualified, well mannered, and skilled staff of more than 80 dermatologists that provides excellent surgical and non-surgical treatments. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam was established in 2004. Clinic is specialized in providing every kind of skin care treatment that gives patients a worthy sense. It provides customized treatments according to the need and skin type of every individual patient. That is why, this clinic is the place to enhance natural beauty and confidence. WHY CHOOSE ORACLE CLINIC CHEONGDAM? · Oracle Clinic Cheongdam offers high-tech services with their advanced equipment. · Their doctors are highly qualified and well-trained who apply their knowledge to provide the best treatment and satisfaction to their patients. · It offers a one-stop system that covers consultation, diagnosis, and treatment at once. · Their well-trained doctors are capable of offering consultation in English, Chinese, and Japanese language. · Their dermatologists provide quality services with maximum accuracy. · This hospital accepts payments through various options like visa, MasterCard, Amex, cash, and bank transfer. · There is a free WIFI facility which is available 24 hours for the convenience of patients. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF ORACLE CLINIC CHEONGDAM · Face contouring · Hair loss treatment · Obesity treatment · Neck lifting FACE CONTOURING Facial contouring is a procedure of giving the face a natural contour by using different combinations of derma fillers. It is a non-surgical method to prominent the natural lines and edges of the face. The area where face contouring works are cheeks, jaws, and chin but not in every case all the three areas are required. It depends on the person’s demand and needs. The treatment involves a thorough arrangement of hyaluronic acid filler which helps improve skin structure and tone. The results are mostly shown in 7 to 10 days of the complete procedure. There is another method of face contouring which involves a non-invasive procedure called cryolipolysis or fat freezing to get rid of unwanted fat. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam provides a simple but long-lasting effect of face contouring. All surgical and non-surgical treatments provided by their stellar team of dermatologists are flawless and appreciable. They use hyaluronic acid and filler PCL to give the face a perfect shape. Moreover, 10THERA, thermage CPT, and ulthera are used for flawless lifting of the face. HAIR LOSS TREATMENT Hair loss is a bad situation that occurs on your scalp or on the whole body. It results from genetics, hormonal changes or any medical conditions. In general, people will lose 50 to 100 hair in a day but it is normal because new hair grows every day. Hair loss occurs when the rate of hair loss is greater than hair growth. Hair loss can be prevented by gently treating hair, avoiding harsh treatments, avoiding sunlight, and quitting smoking. Hair loss can be diagnosed by taking a family history, doing scalp biopsy, blood test, and pull test. Some symptoms can also be a marker of hair loss: · Circular or patchy bald spots · Loosening of hairs · Thinning of hairs · Hair loss on body There are a number of treatments available at Oracle Clinic Cheongdam to regain the hairs and give men a new confidence. Minoxidil is one of the best medicines for increasing hair growth and it is recommended by the specialists of Oracle Clinic Cheongdam. It provides both incisional and non-incisional transplants according to the needs and comfort of the patient. OBESITY TREATMENT Obesity is also defined as an excess amount of fat on the body. Obesity is not just a cosmetic condition but it also affects all the functions and parts of the body. There are many risks associated with obesity including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, stroke, arthritis, and heart attack. To live a healthy life, it is important to maintain a balance between intake and expenditure. Usually, obesity is caused by less physical activity, eating unhealthy food, stress, and heredity. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam has been providing quality services for 27 years. It provides obesity treatment through advanced technology and quality medicines. The freezing therapy is most popularly used for removing the extra fat from the body. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam provides this procedure through Zeltiq, Micool, and Clatuu techniques. NECK LIFT The neck lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery that involves tightening and removing skin from the neck. It is also known as platysmaplasty. Mostly the neck and facelift are done at the same time but sometimes it is done separately. Neck lift procedure includes, removal of excess fat, removal of excess skin, liposuction, removal of neck muscles, and botox injections. Recovery after the neck lift requires 10 to 13 days. Benefits of neck lift may include: · It improves your jawline and neck. · It can be done separately when the face doesn’t need it. · It gives a more young or youthful look. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam provides customized programs according to the skin types and needs of the patient. Their face and neck lifting treatments include popular anti-wrinkle treatments, Botox, and dermal fillers. This clinic also provides innovative treatments such as ulthera which is high-intensity ultrasound therapy. Oracle Clinic Cheongdam is the best hospital to seek medical services related to the face, hair, eyes, and other such concerns. It is equipped with high-quality equipment and technology that provides optimum surgery results at reasonable rates. This clinic aims to provide high-standard skin care services not only to Korean citizens but also to foreign patients.