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    Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital

    Comunidad Valenciana, Spain


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    • Pancreatic cancer

    • Spine Fusion surgery

    • Hemorrhoidectomy

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    • Blood test

    • Biopsy

    • Pancreaticoduodenectomy

    • Pancreatectomy

    • Spine Fusion surgery

    • Hemorrhoididectomy

    • Green Light Laser Prostatectomy

    • Lumbar Spine Fixation Surgery

    • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

    • Ultrasound

    • Renal nuclear scan

    • Percutaneous nephrostomy

    • Mammogram

    • Breast MRI

    • Radiation therapy

    • Chemotherapy

    • Hormone therapy

    • Stress test

    • Nuclear stress test

    • Coronary angiography


    Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital was established in 2000 in Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. It has gained international recognition and has become one of the most sought-after Spanish hospitals in medical tourism during its existence. More than 300 dedicated doctors are giving all their efforts at Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital. This hospital also has an ambulance service that works 24/7 and provides emergency care to the citizens of Spain and foreigners. Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital is among the 20 leading medical institutes of Spain to offer quality services and patient care. This hospital applies innovative technologies to treat congenital and acquired diseases in humans. Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital is renowned for dealing successfully with international patients. The dedicated staff of this hospital provides round-the-clock assistance with solving the problems of international patients. Moreover, Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital also cooperates with the Spanish and International insurance companies. This hospital has 120 rooms that are equipped with modern technology and furnished with comfortable beds. All the treatments are carried out with maximum precision and accuracy to ensure the patient's health. WHY CHOOSE QUIRONSALUD TORREVIEJA HOSPITAL? · It is a multi-specialty hospital providing quality health care services and becomes the best hospital in terms of technology in Valenciana, Spain. · Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital providing a fully equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation area. · The hospital offers quality health care 365 days a year, with a 24-hour Emergency Service, and always has a team of free translators who speak several languages to attend to their foreign patients. · Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital has 120 individual rooms, four of which are VIP rooms with a separate lounge and a modern ICU. · This hospital provides top-notch facilities through the latest technology, which includes the following machines: PET Machine CT Scanner Ultrasound Machine MRI Scanner · The International Department operates based on the Quironsalud Hospital Group, whose staff speaks 11 languages: English, Russian, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Arabic, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY QUIRONSALUD TORREVIEJA HOSPITAL · Breast cancer · Hypertension heart failure · Heart valve surgery · Larynx disorders · Pancreatic cancer • BREAST CANCER When the breast cells start to divide abnormally, they form a tumor that is sometimes benign and other times malignant. The benign tumors are not cancerous and don't cause any harm to the human body. On either hand, malignant tumors are cancerous and dangerously affect the body if not treated properly. With advancements in technology, breast cancer's survival rate has increased over the past few years. Following are the symptoms of breast cancer: · Breast lump · Change in size of the breast · Change in the skin over the breast · Inverted nipple · Redness or rash Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital provides one of the least expensive cancer treatments with quality medical services in the country. They provide comprehensive Cancer treatment in the field of surgical and radiation oncology. • HYPERTENSIVE HEART FAILURE Hypertensive heart failure is a heart condition caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure changes blood vessels' structure and function and causes severe problems like a heart attack. The working of the heart under increased pressure is difficult, which also leads to many health issues. There are two types of hypertensive heart failure: NARROWING OF ARTERIES: High blood pressure causes the arteries to narrow, decreasing the blood supply to the heart resulting in heart failure. THICKENING OF HEART: High blood pressure makes it difficult for the heart to pump, and continues hard work causes the thickening of the heart's muscle. Heart disease is the primary cause of death in the United States. The main risk of hypertensive heart disease is high blood pressure, and others are: · Overweight · Smoking · Sedentary lifestyle · Bad eating habits The Comprehensive Cardiology Unit of Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital offers comprehensive quality care to prevent, diagnose, and treat cardiovascular diseases. This department has all the board-certified specialists that provide quality healthcare to heart patients. The cardiology departments offer the following services: · Outpatient consultations and hospitalization · Heart surgery · Coronary unit (integrated with ICU) · Hemodynamics · Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Unit · Non-invasive imaging unit • HEART VALVE SURGERY Heart valve surgery is done to treat the problems related to heart valves. The heart has four valves aortic, pulmonary, tricuspid, and bicuspid. In heart valve surgery, the defected or displaced valves are corrected and replaced. Surgical procedures like open-heart surgery and minimally invasive surgery are performed to treat this defect. The treatment depends on many factors like age, gender, health, and condition of the valve. There are two main types of valve defects; narrowing the heart valve and leak of the heart valve. In both situations, surgery is necessary because it affects the ability of the heart to pump blood. The department of heart surgery at Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital Is specialized in all kinds of heart surgery and is world-renowned in dealing with complex heart problems. Innovative techniques and a stellar team of surgeons provide services with the advantage of superior therapies and preventive care for the issues related to heart valves. • LARYNX DISORDERS The larynx is a windpipe responsible for the respiration process in human beings. Many conditions affect the larynx function, including vocal cord lesions, cancerous lesions, autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, and airway conditions. The larynx disorders may include: LARYNGITIS: This condition causes the inflammation of vocal cords. VOCAL CORD NODULES: The misuse of vocal cords cause small benign lesions. VOCAL CORD POLYPS: Any trauma or injury causes this condition to vocal cords. LARYNGEAL PAPILLOMATOSIS: This condition is caused by a viral infection that forms benign tumors throughout the airway passage. The ENT department of Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital has the latest technology equipment to diagnose and treat every disease related to the eyes, noses, and throat. This department consists of a speech therapist, otolaryngologist, and neurophysiologist. • PANCREATIC CANCER Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that starts developing in pancreatic tissues. It does not cause any symptoms at the initial stage, so it isn't easy to diagnose. Pancreatic treatment depends on the patient's condition, extent, severity, and type of cancer. Cancer primarily forms in the part of the pancreas that lines the duct that carries enzymes for digestion. Highly skilled doctors at Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital provide high-quality treatments for pancreatic cancers. It is a complex surgery, so all kinds of risks should be taken into consideration. Doctors offer good communication and instructions to patients. A healthy diet plan is also provided to patients. Treatment is done through radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital is making a tremendous progression in serving its patients with the best health care services meeting international standards. They provide very eclectic surgical treatments to their clients. Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital has a friendly and comfortable environment. Their team is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to the residents of Spain and people from all around the world.