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Rehabilitation Center Kladruby

Středočeský kraj, Czechia




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30 Kladruby Benešov Středočeský kraj Czechia


The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby near Vlaim has a long tradition of providing complex physiotherapy care. The center provides treatment to Patients after surgeries and after injuries to the movement and nervous systems. Similar to trends in the whole world to provide physiotherapy as soon as possible after the injury or affection, a Spinal rehabilitation unit was created on July 1, 2002, to ensure care for serious fresh spinal injuries. The physiotherapy center also admits clients with back pain who resist outpatient treatment. It belongs to the most important facilities in the country and works nationwide, with a limited admission of clients from other countries. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby is a state-funded organization and is directly subject to the Czech Health Ministry. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby includes a barrier-less complex interconnected with underground corridors for easy movement from one place to another in any season. Ward departments have comfortable equipment and offer double-bed rooms. Physiotherapy is provided six days a week in modern exercise rooms, gymnasiums, water treatment rooms with partial or complete whirlpool baths, and pools with underwater jets and a movable bottom. A 25-meter pool is used for swimming. Further, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum-compression therapy, and local thermotherapy (solux, paraffin, ultra-sound, laser, and biotron lamp) Ergotherapy occurs in attractively equipped workshops that ensure a safe environment for the learning and training of practical skills and self-service, including work on computers. Continuous speech therapy is ensured, as are psychologists and social services. The prosthetic department ensures necessary aids and other medical technology for the clients, including walking sticks or special electrical wheelchairs, beds, or lifting devices. The physiotherapy treatment program includes swimming lessons for people using wheelchairs. Those who need manual control when driving a car can practice driving or even learn it in a special course. Clients can select from a rich offer of cultural and sporting events or educational courses. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby is the contract partners with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic. History of Rehabilitation Center Kladruby The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby is situated next to the village of Kladruby in the well-preserved natural environment of the Podblanicko Area on the border of the Vlaim Valley and at a distance of 7 km from the town of Vlaim. The memorable Blank Hill, which is connected with the old Czech legend of the Blank Knights, can be seen on the horizon. The decision to build a new sanatorium for bone tuberculosis treatment was taken in 1932. A suitable place was selected on an elevated area at the foot of Kostelk Hill (524 meters) near Kladruby village. The leading personality at that time was Dr. Schiller. First, a driveway was constructed in 1934, and at the same time, the adaptation of the park around the planned buildings was started. In 1937, the foundations of the sanatorium were laid, and in December 1938, the roof was completed. After the German military occupation in 1939, the association aimed to sell the sanatorium, but the Nazis had other plans and took the sanatorium for military purposes. All construction work was completed in 1941 and put into service as a military hospital a year later. The Nazis set up a "Forschungsinstitut der D.A.F. Kladruby" (research institute of the D.A.F.), a part of which was leased to the Wehrmacht (German army) to treat injured soldiers brought from the war front. The sanatorium was transformed into "Reserve Lasaret Wlaschim". In times of greatest loss, the hospital treated as many as 1,200 German soldiers. It is a tragic paradox that Dr. Schiller, the founder of the sanatorium, was executed in 1942, and all his family members were tortured in Nazi concentration camps as members of the persecuted Jewish nation. After the Second World War, the hospital served as a Soviet repatriation station, where Soviet soldiers temporarily stayed before returning home. From January to September 1946, the hospital was administered by the Central Council of the Unions, and there was no clear conception as to its purpose. Starting on October 1, 1946, the hospital was taken over by the Health Ministry. Necessary modifications were quickly done, including interior restoration. According to a preserved book of admissions, some 27 patients were admitted for testing on  April 21, 1947. At that time, the first training of the stuff took place; it was provided by American physiotherapists, and the first trainees were Czech gymnastics teachers. Officially, the operation was started on December 1, 1947, and the facility was named "State Institute for Follow-up Treatment", The capacity was 160 beds. At first, the institute served as a follow-up treatment facility for the disabled and gradually focused on the treatment of movement disorders after surgeries and injuries. The physiotherapeutical services were continually extended throughout the years, and more requirements were laid on the services, which reflected the development of basic physiotherapeutical care and the growing requirements for nursing services. Departments had to be extended. In November 1955, a new hospital building was opened, and the capacity grew to 210 beds. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby added new facilities to its premises. In 1975, the sports hall was put into service, along with later a mini-golf area and subsequently a large forest park. Everything was built with the needs of the disabled in mind. At that time, new modern apartments for the employees were also built. Between 1991 and 1995, a new communication core was constructed with three new lifts, examination rooms, and eating rooms for clients with impaired mobility. Free capacities in ward departments were utilized for the improvement of the client's accommodation quality. In October 1995, the physiotherapeutic department was opened. The department has modern equipment that increases the quality of the physiotherapeutic care provided. All new buildings are interconnected with underground corridors and can be easily reached by the client, even in bad weather conditions. In 2003, the reconstruction of the old physiotherapeutical building was completed, the swimming pools were reconstructed, and new facilities were constructed: a 25-meter-long pool, a pool with a movable bottom, and a whirlpool. The reconstruction also included the gymnasium and cinema hall. Two smaller gymnasiums were built in the Fitness building, and the shop with prosthetic appliances, the computer training room, and psychologists were moved there.