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Trueman Clinic - Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Male breast augmentation

  • Male body shape

All / Top Services

  • Gappa molding

  • Gynecomastia surgery

  • Nipple plastic surgery

  • Saggy breast augmentation

  • FTM breast removal surgery

  • Gynecomastia revision surgery

  • Areola reduction

  • Abdominal body shaping

  • Wakiga and Hyperhidrosis

  • Male liposuction

  • Male hair removal

Contact Information

7F, Ara Tower, 3, Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul


Welcome to Trueman Clinic - Gangnam: Your Premier Destination for Male Plastic Surgery. Discover the Pinnacle of Excellence in Male Plastic Surgery at Trueman Clinic - Gangnam, Korea's Leading Hospital. Location: 7th Floor, Ara Tower, 3 Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul Are you seeking perfection in male plastic surgery? Look no further than Trueman Clinic - Gangnam, the foremost choice for those who demand the best. Our cutting-edge medical facility is renowned for its exceptional services, specializing in male breast augmentation and male body shaping procedures. Experience the Trueman Advantage: Unveiling Our Key Highlights. Professional Excellence: At Trueman, we are proud to house a team of elite medical professionals hailing from Korea's most esteemed medical institutions. With a wealth of knowledge and years of invaluable experience, our medical staff is dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Pioneering Research: Trueman Clinic's commitment to innovation and advancement is unwavering. Our establishment of the Korea Man’s Medical Laboratory underscores our dedication to continual research, ensuring that we provide you with the latest and most refined medical solutions. Honesty and Trust: Our core values revolve around honesty and trust. We stand by a philosophy that centers on serving you with unwavering integrity and earning your complete trust. Your well-being and satisfaction are our ultimate priorities. Convenience Redefined: Located strategically for easy accessibility, Trueman Clinic is a beacon for those new to Korea. For your convenience, we offer taxi fee compensation if public transportation poses a challenge. Your journey to excellence begins stress-free. Private Sanctum: Your privacy is paramount. Experience the exclusivity of our private waiting rooms, ensuring your comfort and tranquility as you await your consultation. Your journey is personal and discreet. A Comfort Zone: Trueman Clinic understands that comfort plays a pivotal role in your journey. Our 100% male nursing staff is dedicated to making you feel at ease, every step of the way. Elevate Your Confidence: Choose Trueman Clinic - Gangnam At Trueman Clinic - Gangnam, we go beyond the ordinary, offering an extraordinary experience designed exclusively for you. Reclaim your confidence, redefine your presence, and step into a future marked by your best self. Your journey toward enhanced masculinity begins here.