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    UNU Plastic Surgery Best 01. Motiva Due to the rheological properties of the gel, you can see the shape of the breast that naturally falls off when standing and spreads naturally when lying down. In addition, Motiva's detailed and sophisticated implant skin manufacturing technology has high safety thanks to the ergonomic Smooth Silk outer skin. • BluSeal With Motiva's remarkable technology, BluSeal® can reduce the possibility of capsular contracture when silicone gel flows out of the implant. Furthermore, the condition of the implant, such as product rupture or cracks, can be closely examined. • Naturalness Silicone gel, which has excellent viscoelasticity, naturally spreads like natural breast tissue according to gravity when lying down. When standing, it transforms into a water droplet shape, giving it the appearance of a natural breast and a soft touch. • Safety Information Guarantee Motiva's Q Inside Safety Technology is a UDI, a safe, unique identification device that can be inserted into the human body. With this, it is possible to check the breast implant information and guarantee the patient's safety. • Smooth Silk Outer Skin Smooth Silk implant skin manufacturing technology has a uniform and delicate surface texture. Thus, there is no need to worry about capsular construction caused by friction reactions or allergies due to unnecessary foreign substances. 02. Mentor Mentor Memory Gel Extra is a safe implant approved by the FDA for the safety of the silicone inside the implant and the shell that comes in direct contact with the skin. With precision filling technology, the amount of silicone gel can be adjusted to reflect each patient’s different body types and tastes. There are two options: a smooth type with a soft texture and a micro-textured type with a uniform surface. • Natural touch, rich volume Both ends of the implant are soft, whereas the upper part is designed to be harder. Thus, you can maintain a rich volume for a longer period by reducing the dimple of the upper part with a soft touch. • Various implant sizes Through Mentor's unique precision filling technology, you can select the diameter and protrusion of the implant and fine-tune the capacity of the silicone filling material to achieve the ideal volume. • Different types selectable There are two options: the smooth type with a smooth surface, which allows for natural movement and touch after treatment, vs. the micro-textured type, which can be positioned stably after treatment with a uniform texture. • High safety Both the silicone inside the implant and the outer shell are highly trusted, with FDA approval for safety. 03. Sebbin Integrity With more than 30 years of experience and technology, Sebbin Integrity’s implant has been recognized for its various and strict quality management by the European CE, ISO certification, and KFDA. You can expect a natural shape and soft touch with Nano Skin Touch and memory-type gel with excellent durability and resilience. • High durability and viscoelasticity It is made of an eight-layer ergonomic shell that is firm against external pressure and has minor capsular contracture. Also, as the shell and the gel are integrated, there is little to worry about the filler exposure given the high adhesion. • Natural movement and touch Nano skin with a smooth surface and memory gel (Everlast Gel) with a soft and elastic feel have elasticity and fluidity similar to those of the human body and provide natural movement and a soft touch. • Four types of implants With four types of implants and a broader range of choices, you can choose a customized implant based on your body type. We care more after surgery! We do not merely check the patient's progress after surgery or lay the follow-up care on the staff. The surgeon who performed the operation directly conducts follow-up management so that you can inquire about any inconveniences after surgery in detail at your leisure. You do not have to worry about "ghost surgery," as the entire process is made available through CCTV. A single personal doctor is in charge of all processes, from diagnosis and consultation, through planning and surgery, to treatment and management. Therefore, the entire course, not just a part of it, can be accessible. UNU prepared for COVID-19. All patients are provided with a single recovery room and a single inpatient room! Our principle is a private treatment without waiting time or encountering other patients, using our vast space.